Group Rental FAQs

Are you open year-round?
Yes, Rivers Edge Camp offers retreats from January to December except for Christmas (2 weeks), Easter and Thanksgiving.
Can I book a retreat in the summer?
From mid-June to the end of August, we run our Christian summer camps which operate from Sundays to Fridays.  Most of our staff have Saturdays off.  We only allow a small amount of weekend guest groups during these months.  Contact the office for availability.
Weekend bookings – can I only book one night?
During our high season, you must book the full 2-night fee (5 meals/2snacks)
During low season, all-inclusive bookings must book at least the full 24hr fee (3 meals/1 snack)
Contact the office regarding restrictions/exceptions.
What spaces are included in the fee?
That depends on the venue.  The Inn and Cabins include the Auditorium, games room, gym, outdoor sports pad, volleyball net, Firepit, RECA ball pit and fields.  The Chalet includes the Annex building, gym, volleyball net and fire pit.  If more than one group is booked, a schedule will be made to book these spaces.
Can I add extra meals or snacks to the all-inclusive fees?
Yes.  If your group chooses to stay longer than the fees cover, you may add the extra fees.  Call the office for a more specific quote.
What are your arrival and check out times?
Since each group has specific needs, we usually allow a lot of variation on arrival/departure times. We also need to check our other bookings to ensure there is sufficient time between groups to get the spaces ready. We sometimes request that groups vacate their rooms before breakfast, so we have sufficient cleaning time before the next group arrives.  All luggage can be stored outside the dining hall.
Are you Nut Free?
Rivers Edge Camp cannot guarantee to be a nut/peanut free environment. We do seek to reduce the risk of exposure and therefore do not use or serve peanuts, peanut products or tree nuts on camp property. The food we purchase and serve may contain traces of nut products. We ask all groups that supply their own snacks to do peanut-free choices, but we have no control over what is actually brought onto the property.
What are your health and safety protocols?
Health and Safety are emphasized at all times at Rivers Edge Camp. We strive to provide safe and enjoyable activities. Our leadership staff are trained in First Aid and CPR. Our Kitchen Supervisors have Food Safety Handlers certificates. Drinking water is lab analyzed regularly for quality. Our facilities are inspected on a regular basis and are up to code. Our staff are all trained in emergency procedures and safety protocols should they need to be implemented.
Can I bring my dog?
No, we are a pet-free venue.  Only service dogs are allowed.  On-site staff may have a dog.  The camp also has several cats.
Can we bring our own food?
The only venue that offers self-catering is the Chalet.  It can accommodate a maximum of 40 people.
Do I need my own bedding?
Yes.  We supply the mattress covers only.  Please bring your own bedding/pillows/towels.  Each accommodation has different bed configurations.  Be sure you know what size bedding to bring.
Do you have Wifi and Cell reception?
We do offer free Wifi but it can be somewhat unreliable.  Please download what you might need before arrival and save to a laptop or USB.  Cell reception is also not very dependable.
Do you offer spaces for individuals or families?
No.  We only do group events.
How do I book an event?
E-mail [email protected] or call the office 403-637-2766
What kind of IT equipment do you have?
See list under "Quick Links"
Do you have wild animals on your property?
Yes, we have seen deer, coyotes, bear and cougars.
Are you wheelchair accessible?
We are not officially set up for wheelchairs although we have had a few guests with wheelchairs stay here.  It is not ideal, but it worked.
Do you have laundry facilities for guests?
No.  All of our laundry facilities are for staff only.
Do we require our own insurance?
Yes.  All groups need to get “special event insurance” All churches and schools have this already.  We just need a copy. CBE and CSSD schools both have agreements in place.
Do you have a Lost & Found?
Yes.  After a group has left, the housekeeping staff sends a list of what has been found.  You need to come pick it up, or pre-pay a set fee of $30 for us to mail it. All unclaimed items go to the thrift shop or the garbage.
Can a school come with 2 or 3 different grades and offer each a different schedule?
Yes, we have hosted many groups that had several grades.  It is more work to plan, but we are willing to help in any way.
Will we be sharing with another group?
We often book 1-3 groups at the same time.  The only shared space is the dining hall.  All tables have group signs.  All spaces are coordinated so there is no other overlap.
Will we have access to all spaces upon arrival?
That depends if there is another group here and if your venues have been cleaned.  You may have to store your luggage/instruments until the rooms are cleaned.