Read this page to find out everything you need to know about booking activities.

What days of the week do you offer activities?​​
Monday to Saturday.
We do not lead activities on Sundays.

How many activities can we book at a time?
We typically offer 4 activities at a time, however if we can find extra relief staff, there is a
possibility we can offer more at a time.

How long is each activity?
1 hour and 30 minutes (max)
If you don’t have enough time in your schedule to fit in all the activities you want, you
can change your length of activity block to a minimum of 1-hour. We do not offer activity
blocks longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Do I need a chaperone to attend each activity including staff-led ones?
Yes, your chaperone is responsible for group management during activities. At least 1 chaperone must be with the group at all times.

When can I schedule my activities?
Activities can be scheduled between breakfast and supper. Ideal activity block times are:


We do not provide after-supper programming

When should I submit my activity requests?
Activity needs: Must be clarified at least one month prior to event.
Activity final needs and times: Must be confirmed with our guest group coordinator at
least 2 weeks prior to event

If you do not meet the above requirements Rivers Edge Camp is not obligated to provide staff to lead programming for your event.

How can I guarantee I will get my activity?
Rivers Edge Camp reserves the right to double book guest groups. Activities are booked
on a “first come first serve basis” and not based on the time of the original booking with
the camp. In order to ensure you get the activities you want, please book your activities
well ahead of your arrival.

How much do activities cost? What are the minimums and maximums for each block? And how do I know if they are staff-led or self-led? See chart:

When are activities available during the year? See chart:

What are your temperature cut-offs for outdoor activities?
If the instructors feel like the temperature and weather conditions are compromising the
safety of the activity, they have the right to cancel the activity. In general, our cut-off
temperature for high ropes, archery and slingshots is: -10°C

Orienteering, Guided Hike, Snowshoeing, and Snow tubing all have a temperature
cut offs of: -15°C 

What do we do if our outdoor activities are cancelled due to weather? 
If your outdoor activities get cancelled due to weather we will send you with your
teacher/chaperone to our indoor gym.
Your chaperone will be required to supervise your gym time. 

For your safety:
High Ropes will be shut down immediately in the case of a lightning strike seen from the high ropes course. The course will be re-opened 30minutes after the last lightning strike.