Leadership Camps
(Camp BOGO does not apply to Leadership Camps)

  • Want to further your relationship with Christ?
  • Want to experience a taste of being a Rivers Edge staff member?
  • Want to gain experience working as a team?
  • Have a passion for kids?
  • Want to be a cabin leader/programmer?
  • ​​​​​If you dream of being a future staff member at Rivers Edge, take a look at our 2-year Leaders In Training program! 
  • If you're a horse-lover, interested in an equine training course, check out our 3 week L.E.A.D. program!
LEADERS In Training

Leaders in Training 1
(LIT 1)

(July 8-9, 2017 cabin leader training)
July 10-28, 2017
Cost: $500
LIT 1 is a 3-week program for 15-17 year olds with servant hearts and a strong work ethic. Specifically intended for camp fanatics, our LIT program is designed to deepen your relationship with God and to train you to make the transition from camper to River’s Edge staff member!  The LIT program is geared towards helping you grow as a leader and giving you practical camp experience. 
What can I expect?
Expect to be challenged! The 3 weeks are broken down as follows: 
Week 1: Dive into scripture and learn biblical qualities that apply to camp work and camp ministry. 
Week 2: Put these qualities into practice, serving behind-the-scenes in different ministry zones at River's Edge. 
Week 3: Serve as a junior cabin leader if your leaders see that you are ready to impact campers' lives on a personal level. 
Over the course of the LIT program you will make many memories as you meet new friends, play games, test your metal with hard work, and grow in your relationship with the Lord.

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Leaders In Training 2
(LIT 2)

Once you have completed the first year of the LIT program, you can return to River's Edge for LIT 2, where you'll have the opportunity to serve at camp for a whole summer!
What can I expect?
Over the course of two summer, you will work in a hands-on capacity, in an area chosen by your leaders- such as programming, cabin leading, food services, etc. You will experience what happens behind the scenes, attend morning staff meetings and see the preparation that goes into a week of camp. When you have completed the entire LIT program, you can apply to work as a staff member the following summer.

Lifelong Equestrians And Disciples
​Cost: $500

LEAD is a three week program for campers 15 and older who have completed Horsemanship Levels 1 & 2. It is a “next step” program, experiencing a broader range of equestrian disciplines, teaching a higher level of skill, and delving deeper into what it means to be a disciple of Christ. The goal of LEAD is to encourage the next generation to be passionate, competent equestrians of exemplary character and conduct who lead for Christ in their communities. 
What can I expect?
This isn’t your average horse camp! You will be introduced to a variety of equine disciplines (roping, dressage, vaulting, therapeutic riding, gymkhana, polocrosse, or equine assisted personal development, if it can be done with a horse, we might just try it!) with the goal of finding the one you are passionate about. Horse care, horse ownership, safety assessment, training, teaching, and what horses can teach us about our own character will be woven throughout the camp. We will also be studying through the character of God, journaling, and discussing what it means to be a Christian in your community.  Finally, you will have the opportunity to be a junior cabin leader for the first week of horsemanship camp and share your love and knowledge of horses and God with others while practically applying leadership skills! 
Looking for a more laid-back equine program? Check out our Horsemanship Camps on the Summer Camp page!! 


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